Welcome to WAVC!

WAVC stands for Washtenaw Association of Volunteer Coordinators. We’re a group who share our work, interest, and passion for leading volunteers.

Volunteers are a special group of people who invest their time to improve their communities. Whether they’re caring for a local park or teaching a neighbor to read, they are doing important work. But to make sure they have the tools they need for those tasks, we need volunteer coordinators.

The goal of WAVC is to create a network for volunteer coordinators through Washtenaw County. This network is to be a source of support, ideas, and knowledge sharing. This group is not just Washtenaw County based, any volunteer coordinator is welcomed.

How we’re led

WAVC is led by a pair of co-chairs who develop goals and programming from year to year.

How you can get involved

Email wavcchairs@gmail.com to be connected the WAVC Listserv


Attend one of our meetings

Here is the 2019-2020 schedule:

August 21 (Wed.) – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion follow up discussion @ 11:30a – 1p

September 26 (Thurs.) – Working with Different Generations @ 12 – 1:30p

October 23 (Wed.) – Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference @ EMU (register here) (all day)

November 14 (Thurs.) – Volunteer Recruitment @ 12 – 1:30p

January 15 (Wed.) – Volunteer Appreciation @ 12 – 1:30p

March 11 (Wed.) – Tech: Databases, Communication Tools, and beyond @ 12 – 1:30p

May 13 (Wed.) – TBD/ Volunteer Populations Gaps @ 12 – 1:30p

Members of WAVC meet at the United Way of Washtenaw County’s office 2305 Platt Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 to discuss various topics relating to our work.

Additionally, if YOU have any particular enthusiasm, skills, or experience in any of these areas, please let us know! We love to utilize the expertise of WAVC members to enrich these discussions. Please contact the WAVC co-chairs at wavcchairs@gmail.com.

3 replies on “Welcome to WAVC!”

Here are some great Volunteer Management books you might want to check out!

“Best Practices For Volunteer Programs”
by Sue Vineyard and Steve McCurley

“101 Ways To Make Training Active”
by Mel Silberman

The annual conference for Southeastern Healthcare Volunteer Leaders is coming up in April. Although our name says Southeastern, we accept membership and conference attendees nationwide! Would you do me a HUGE favor and share this with your membership?

Thank you!
Jamine Hamner, CDVS
VP of Communications, SHVL

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